Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hearty Breakfast Pizza

With all these farm fresh eggs at my disposal, I've been looking for new ways to make breakfast for dinner.  I made this pizza last night, along with some fried potatoes on the side.  I didn't need the fried potatoes.  This recipe makes one very filling pizza, so much that the hubs even had leftovers for his breakfast this morning!

Hearty Breakfast Pizza
1 prepared pizza crust (I used the Jiffy pizza crust, I was short on time, and they make one of the best crusts!)
1/2 lb sausage
1/2 lb bacon, chopped
1/2 large onion, sliced
2 cups grated cheese (I happened to have cheddar and colby jack on hand so that's what I used)
4-5 eggs
1 Tbsp milk
dash of hot sauce
salt & pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 425°.  Cook sausage, bacon, and onions.  Set aside.  Prepare pizza crust and spread very thin on a pizza pan (again, I <3 my stoneware!)  Cook crust for about 10 minutes.  While you are cooking the crust, whisk together the eggs, milk, hot sauce, salt and pepper.  Scramble these eggs until they are about halfway done.  Take the pizza crust out of the oven.  Spread your eggs from the center of the crust out, leaving a little edge for crust.  Sprinkle your meats and onion over the eggs, and top with cheese.  Bake again for another 10 minutes or until eggs are set and crust is golden. 

The hubs was a little wary at first (he has trouble branching out from meat and potatoes, must be part of the cattle farmer's creed or something) but he said, "this was way better than I thought it would be, you're gonna need to pack this up, cause I'm gonna pound it for breakfast in the morning!"  Best part about this recipe is that you can change up the ingredients.  Timothy suggested that next time we use some morel mushrooms (the season is coming up!)...maybe I can sneak in some spinach and some exotic cheese...or maybe not

Give me some ideas...What would be yummy on a breakfast pizza???


  1. You could try mixing a bit of syrup with the crust or brushing it lightly on top to give it kind of the sweet maple flavor of a pancake. Similar to how they do the "McGriddles" sandwiches. Could be good...

  2. I think some green or red peppers finely diced would be pretty good, as well. A little bit of spinach and some Feta or maybe even some Muenster would be tasty!